iCandy – FREE Flex Skin

iCandy was my entry into the ScaleNine Skin to Win competition. It took third place and a copy of CS4 Web Premium. There were some hiccups in the process of getting these graphical skins into a Flex app, which anyone doing graphical skinning should be aware of (I’ve documented here), but overall I was happy with the result.Thanks to Juan for putting this on, and to Adobe and EffectiveUI for sponsoring with some great prizes.

The skins should be available for download on ScaleNine shortly, but you can preview the skins here. Congrats to the other winners, the team from Undefined for their Undefined skin, and Nahuel Faronda for his Brownie skin.

[UPDATE: The iCandy project files as well as the source FLA are now available on ScaleNine. Enjoy!]

2 Responses to “iCandy – FREE Flex Skin”

  1. Jeremy Savoy December 15, 2008 at 10:32 pm # Reply

    First off I’d like to say that this is a beautiful skin for flex apps, you did a really good job.I just had a question, when I load your swc and css for my app, many components don’t display correctly at all – ToggelButtonBar for example and even the panel has issues, when you add content you have to use absolute layout which I don’t use at all in my application – I am wondering if this is expected?If this is expected, then I was just wondering if there was a more functional version of this skin floating about or if we would simply need to do that ourselves?Again, this skin is very nice and I’d really like to use it, but in the current state it seems it might require design work from me and I just don’t have an eye for design :-)

  2. Martin May 15, 2009 at 5:47 am # Reply

    Great theme – simple enough for a non-UI guy like myself to get a great looking application up and running in no time at all!Can you let us know what terms this is released under?Just like everyone else has said – thanks for an awesome job!

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