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Mobile Dev Alter[native] #3 – PhoneGap

PhoneGap is originally created by Nitobi, but made big headlines recently with it’s acquisition by Adobe. PhoneGap is one of a few products on the market that allows developers to leverage their knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS in order to build apps for mobile devices. These HTML based apps are then wrapped with a […]

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Mobile Dev Alter[native] #2 – Corona

  Corona SDK is developed by Ansca Mobile, which ironically enough, is a company started by 2 former Adobe employees. It made it’s way onto the scene in a big way earlier this year when a 14 year old used the SDK to build a game called “Bubble Ball,” which, for a short time was the #1 […]

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Mobile Dev Alter[native] #1 – Flash Platform

Probably the most publicized cross platform mobile dev environment has been the Flash Platform. Whether you like Flash or not, Adobe has done some serious work to add the ability to build mobile apps into their Flash dev tools. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this now means that the resulting mobile apps will have […]

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Mobile Dev Alter[native]

I’ve been lurking around on some of the dev boards lately and one of the big issues devs are facing is how to build cross-platform apps. If you only want to target one platform, then obviously native development is the way to go. iOS = Objective-C Android = Java WP7 = C# BlackBerry BBX = […]

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Mobile Dev Roadmap

I took some time to draw a diagram listing the various mobile platforms along with the development paths to output to those platforms. I only included the top 4 platforms (in my mind). Sure, Symbian still has a pretty big percentage of the market, but since Nokia is moving over to Windows, it’s pretty much […]

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What Windows 8 Does Right – A User’s Perspective

After having attended Build Windows last month (thanks to the awesome guys at Archetype for making that happen), I walked away impressed by the platform and dev tools (some of the upcoming dev stuff is truly amazing) behind Windows 8. I also walked away with a shiny new dev prototype of the new Samsung Tablet. […]

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Rebirth of a (Flash) Developer

This post has been a long time in the making… I’ve been building interactive web experiences for the past 10 years. During most of that time, I would have labelled myself as a “Flash Developer.” After all, my deployment platform of choice was the Flash runtime. Let’s face it, no other platform provided such a […]

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How Siri *Really* Works

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What I do

My wife has never understood what I do. She always tells people it’s something to do with computers, but that’s really all she knows. Whether that’s because what I do is really that confusing, or because it just doesn’t interest her enough to try to understand is another matter. And I get that from a […]

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Time for a Change

It would be an understatement to say that I’ve neglected this blog since I haven’t posted anything for nearly 2 years now. Frankly, when you’re busy doing client work, and then want to spend time with your family, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus, when there are other venues like Twitter, Facebook, […]

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